Sunday, 13 December 2009

Straw Dots - Fan - foots

2474 Straw Dot Rivula sericealis (Scopoli, 1763)Recorded at light and can be disturbed from cover during the day.This migrant species was first recorded at Rochdale Road, Walsden on 21st July 2004 and also in that year on the 5th and 6th August. It is now thought to be resident in small numbers and these can be swelled in good migrant years.Records at light from throughout the area.

2476 Beautiful Snout Hypena crassalis (Fabricius, 1787)A scarce species in Yorkshire and first recorded at
Hardcastle Craggs 15th June 2002 (PT,IK)The story goes -
Ian Kimber announced to Paul talbot over the walkie-talkie "Paul, I've got a
Beautiful Snout!" - Paul replied "Yes, shame about the rest of your face"....
1 adult at Copley Woods(CS)
1 adult at Pickwood Scarr 4th June 2007(AC, PT, SW ,MH )

2477 The Snout Hypena proboscidalis (Linnaeus, 1758)The first record for this species was in 1927 it is now recorded regularly at light and sugar between the 5th June and the 5th November with the main emergence in July with 400 + records from this month.

2484 Pinion-streaked Snout Schrankia costaestrigalis
This species can easily be mistaken for a pryralid moth and this may be why there are only 22 records for this species .The first in July 2001 at Park Road Elland(PT) Recorded at light and Wine Ropes between the 21st June and the 11th October. 14 of the 22 records are in July.


2489 The Fan-foot Herminia tarsipennalis
First recorded at Kebroyd in 1959 and is now recorded at light and sugar throughout the area between 8th June and 21st September .8 at light is the maximum count on the 12th July 2007 in Todmorden.

2492 Small Fan-foot Herminia grisealis ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)
First recorded at Kebroyd in 1960 and is now recorded at light and sugar throughout the area between the 19th May and 21st August. 6 recorded at light is the maximum count on the 7th June 2007 in Todmorden.

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